Hoia Baciu forest Romania

The Hoia Baciu Forest in Romania is also known as the worlds most haunted forest. There are several sagas and legends surrounding this place. The Romanian forest got its name from an event which happened in the late 70’s. A farmer with a big flock of sheep mysteriously disappeared in the forest nowhere to be found. A lot of people living close to the forest are to afraid to enter it. It’s very common for the few brave people that do enter the forest, to get headaches, migraine and other strange illnesses.┬áIt’s also very common among people that do enter the forest to always have the feeling that they are being watched.

Would you enter the forest?

How do you react when you read about places like this. Do you feel scared never wanting to go there, or do you feel some kind of excitement about the forest? We’re all different, but something that most of us share is that the topic is quite interesting. We want to know more about it even though it scares us a bit.

Let me know down below if you’d like to enter the forest if you were invited. Maybe you have a hard time to make up your mind. If that’s the case, take a closer look at this video before you decide.

*Disclaimer: This vide is a quite scary one.


What did you think about the clip? Would you enter the forest despite all the scary stories about the haunted Romanian forest. Send us an message and tell us what you think!